My Vision for 2024

Today I turn 50. The celebrations are taking place in our family home in Switzerland with my closest friends and family attending. I am reflecting on the last 10 years, telling people about the vision I had created over Christmas when I was 40 Years old.

It’s a reflection of the decade when I started to settle in life and acted on things that are important and let go of the things that are irrelevant. With that I have become a much calmer person and entering life’s second half with a sense of balance I have never experienced in my life before. I am able to sustain that balance so well that nothing can interfere with my calm, warm and happy self. During the last ten years many have grown old, some have passed out of my life, some new people have entered my life. It’s the constant change that makes me calm. It’s the speed of the world around me that makes me feel relaxed. It’s that never-ending progress that makes me happy.

I have come to the conclusion that while I am financially abundant the only reason why that matters is that I can give back. I have understood that helping other people realize their visions is fulfilling me with that unbelievable sense of gratitude. My life has certainty, the certainty that life is very fluid. My life has variety, because I embrace change all the time. I feel significant because people see me as the rock in a constant stream. I feel loved because I am with the people who I love most.

The things surrounding me are two wonderful homes, one in Switzerland and one in Iceland. The ability to travel wherever we want, whenever we want. I have had the opportunity to change the world by bringing technology to places in the world that were unimaginable ten years ago. I have shown that with creating a constant win-win, by using intelligence for a force of good and by bringing ideas to life that this world can become a better place every single day.

I am passionate about my family, my business and myself and all works together in harmony and balance. All my close friends feel that same sense of harmony in their lives. Life is wonderful and I am entering the second fifty years of my life in health, prosperity, harmony and happiness.

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